For the love of blogs

Because I feel like I have nothing to contribute to the blog world and that blogging is another task that doesn’t need to be added to my to do list, I have decided against it.  For now at least.  Maybe I’ll post when something REALLY awesome happens.  But, right now my life is slow and boring. I don’t have my own kitchen and I have to eat the premade food our chef makes us.  And the food is usually not gluten free, so I eat the same boring salads day in and day out (and who wants to see that?!?!).  So when I can make awesome recipes and do the thing I love most(cook), I will be back in the blogging business.  Maybe I’ll be back Fall ’11 semester when I move in with my best friend and have a kitchen.  We’re fun, she’s a journalism major and good at ideas.  We’ll see what happens.


Twi-hard Die-hards fo life

You never know with a couple of crazy twi-hards.


And don’t worry I’ll still be reading and enjoying my beloved blogs daily.




3 responses to “For the love of blogs

  1. awww, i’ll miss your posts!

  2. your skin shines like diamonds

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